Filtration Information

Potential Concerns/Problems From Mold Growth on filters

  • Air quality can be compromised by odors from microbial qrowth.
  • Can be a source for building related sicknesses.
  • Mold build up can increase resistance and related energy cost.
  • Can result in early change out from escalated resistance.

Fiberbond Spor-AX Antimicrobial Info

What is Spor-Ax?
Spar-Ax is Fiber Bond’s registered trademark for an antimicrobial agent exclusive to Fiber Bond.

How is it described?
EPA registered fungicide, which is part of the family of biocides.

What is the EPA registration number?
EPA Registration number: 464-673-68603 EPA Establishment number: 83434-IL-001.

How is Spor-Ax applied?
Fiber Bond uses Spar-Ax in the adhesives and binders that bind otherwise loose fibers together into filter media. This use thoroughly incorporates Spar-Ax into the media so it becomes an integral part of the media as it is manufactured.

Can Spor-Ax come off the filter and go downstream?
Spor-Ax is a permanent part of the media, as manufactured – not a post application.

How does Spor-Ax stop mold growth?
When mold makes contact with Spor-Ax, the antimicrobial selectively kills the mold and prevents growth or proliferation on the filter media.

Is Spor-Ax safe?
When selecting Spar-Ax antimicrobial, Fiber Bond searched for an antimicrobial product with a long history of use in a number of broad applications by companies doing business around the globe. The active ingredient in Spor-Ax is used in personal care and cosmetic products, children’s finger paints and in direct food contact applications including can sealants far soft drinks.

Does Spor-Ax lose its effectiveness over time?
Spor-Ax remains active throughout and beyond the life of the filter.

Will an antimicrobial increase the efficiency of an air filter?
The function of an antimicrobial is to control microbial growth.

What can cause mold growth on filters?
Three elements support microbial growth -darkness, moisture and a supply of nutrients. All are readily available within the confines of an air handler system. Filtration media can provide a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Other manufacturers offer their standard product and an antimicrobial version at additional cost. Does Fiber Bond?
Fiber Bond makes many filters that are designed far long service life. Since we manufacture our own ‘filter media , we made the decision to incorporate Spar-Ax
antimicrobial protection into our products.

Does a build up of dust on the surface of the filter media hinder the antimicrobial action?
If a filter builds up a surface cake this will prevent contact with the antimicrobial on/or in the media. This is why Fiber Bond filters are designed to depth load. Collected dust and attached microbes can make contact with Spor-Ax throughout the media.

Does this mean the choice of filter is as important as the antimicrobial?
A filter media designed for depth loading versus surface loading can provide longer service life and work with the antimicrobial to eliminate growth.

Does this mean Fiber Bond filters with Spor-Ax will solve all my indoor quality concerns?
Fiber Bond filters with Spot-Ax is one positive step in an overall maintenance program for keeping an air handling system clean and in good condition.

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