Pleated Filters

PREpleat MERV 8

  • Lowest initial resistance standard capacity MERV 8 pleated filter in the industry
  • 100% Synthetic non-woven, proprietary media that can be recycled
  • Achieves MERV 8 rating using mechanical method of particle capture

PREpleat MERV 8 filter

MEGApleat MERV 8

  • Highest dust holding capacity (DHC) – longest life
  • Highest breach strength – strongest construction
  • Lowest lifecycle pressure drop means reduction in energy consumption and total operating costs
  • Guaranteed consistent performance

MEGApleat MERV 8 filter

PREpleat MERV 11

  • Significant upgrade in collection efficiency over existing MERV 8 products
  • 100% synthetic recyclable high-loft MERV 11 media
  • Gradient media structure enables larger incoming contaminants to be trapped in the prefilter layer, thus allowing secondary layer to attract and hold small particulate

PREpleat MERV 11 filter

PREpleat MERV 13
  • Supports acheivement of LEED® credits by significantly improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and reducing energy consumption
  • Low initial resistance – Provides an initial efficiency of MERV 13 per ASHRAE Standard 52.2 at a resistance of only .20″ w.g. at 375 FPM and only .30″ w.g. at 500 FPM
  • 100% synthetic recyclable high-loft MERV 13 media

PREpleat MERV 13 filter

High Performance Replacement Filters for Residential Air Cleaners
  • Multi-Pleat Series AB
    Replacement filters for Trion Airbear and Air Cub
  • Multi-Pleat Series HW
    Replacement filters for Honeywell F-series
  • Multi-Heat Series SG
    Replacement filters for Aprilaire Space-Gard media

High Peformance Replacement Filters for Residential Air Cleaners

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