PreVent Washable Screens

outdoor hvac system with 4 large air filter screensPermatron’s patented PreVent® Equipment Protection Air Filter can save you thousands of dollars and man hours, in equipment downtime and maintenance costs by preventing debris from entering the system. Manufactured with 3-dimensional polypropylene, a permanent/washable electrostatic media, these filters can be used in many hostile outdoor and indoor environments. Filter installation requires no system modifications or electrical hookups. Custom made to your exact dimensions with steel frames or vinyl edges, filters are easily affixed to the outer perimeter of the air intake with our unique, patented hook/loop or magnetic stripping, as well as grommets and mounting kits.

PreVent® will protect HVAC air handlers, cooling systems, chillers, condensers, compressors, ground louver inlets and any type of industrial equipment from airborne debris. Drawn into the equipment via air intake, the resulting dirt build up impacts the equipment’s ability to work efficiently. Whether your equipment is used for production, process or environmental air handling, no business today can afford unnecessary downtime.


outdoor hvac system with black air filter screen

  • Minimize Compressor Failure
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs/Labor
  • Decrease Energy Consumption
  • Hail Damage Protection
  • Maximize Equipment Efficiency
  • Low Initial Air Flow Resistance .02-.05 in. w.g.
  • Easily cleaned in place with a broom or rinsed clean with water
  • 5-Year Warranty

Cooling Towers

  • Prevent clogging of fill material and extends fill life.
  • Prevent sludge build-up in water basins.
  • Prevent clogging of strainers and blow-down valves.
  • Help fight bacterial proliferation by eliminating debris nutrients.
  • Diffuse sunlight to help fight algae growth, UV protected and anti-microbial protection available.
  • Eliminate downtime due to fouling & clogging.

Condensers & Air Cooled Chillers

  • Prevent coils and fins from clogging
  • Significantly reduce the need for frequent coil cleaning
  • Reduce equipment damage due to power washing & solvents
  • Optimize cooling efficiencies

Air Handling Units & Louvers

  • Enable optimum efficiency of internal filters and extending life.
  • Optimize environmental air quality.
  • Prevent debris from entering and insects/birds from nesting.

Prevent airborne particles and debris from entering air intake openings

  • Cottonwood – Insects – Leaves – Seeds – Pollen – Birds – Construction Debris – Harvest Debris – Paper Pulp – Flour and Starch – Food Processing Debris
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